H O S P I T A L  B A G  C H E C K L I S T

Packing the hospital bags was not an easy feat. My usual tendency is to over pack the bags, but it’s impractical because it’s harder to just grab them on the way out when it’s D-Day.


Based on our stay in St. Luke’s Quezon City,  here are the contents of each bag:

My Bag Baby’s Bag Husband’s Bag
3 sets of night gowns
3 socks
3 sets of undies
bathroom essentials
betadine feminine wash
going-home outfit
maternity pads
reiki crystals
tie-side clothes
top-to-toe wash
baby K’Tan
hooded towel
muslin cloths
cellphone chargers
bathroom essentials
government documents
hypnobirthing essentials
hospital documents
ATM cards
birth plan
cookies for the staff
3 sets of clothes & undies


Government Documents:
Marriage Certificate

Hypnobirthing Essentials:
Birthing Ball

Hospital Documents:
Admission Form

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