Embracing myself


Going to therapy is the best thing that I’ve done for myself. I don’t even paint regularly, but I even noticed a change in my process. I feel more free and less scared of putting paint on the paper. Before, I used to feel so scared of painting my line-art because I felt like a lot of things can go wrong. Things can go wrong but that is how you learn, and learning to forgive yourself and move in is a big part of it. That is the beautiful process of learning.

There are times when I feel trapped, unable to move, breathe, and function as I should, but this is my reality. I am now choosing to embrace my mental illness and learn how to look at the good things that come with it. This is who I am, and loving myself means loving all of me, with no judgment and labels.. Embrace the “bad” things because it’s part of me – that there is a beautiful side to it, too. It is a painful process and it is definitely a struggle to go through, and if I may paraphrase a quote from Mulan, a rare and beautiful flower can bloom in adversity. So, you are very welcome to watch me bloom. ❤

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