A Quaint Stay in 九份民宿-陽光味宿 Sunny Room

Travelling with a toddler can make things quite complicated. Anticipating the effort that we were going to exert for our Jiufen trip, I booked a room at Sunny Room while planning our Taiwan itinerary. It was a good decision because traipsing all over Jiufen in the midst of a huge crowd was exhausting, especially with a 3-year-old in tow. Those stairs were a challenge to scale, I kid you not.

Since we were traveling on a budget, I found Sunny Room by narrowing down my search options in Booking.com. It looked so quaint in the pictures and the reviews were very good. It also looked near A-Mei Teahouse, which was my goal.

Taking a look at Google Maps, it looked so near, but the actual experience was very different. A-Mei Teahouse is only 290 meters away from Sunny Room, but you’re scaling the stairs all the way. It’s not a problem for people with average fitness, but for someone like me who is barely active and has anxiety issues (and also lugging a toddler around), it was definitely a challenge.

I chose Sunny Room mainly because of its consistent good reviews and they did not fail to deliver. The entire place is so charming, with quaint details all over the place, giving it an almost storybook-like feel. If I had more time, I’d probably spend a week here. The staff of the place were also very warm and accommodating.

The rooms were also very cozy, and just don’t expect anything modern here. The place has a very homey vibe, much like staying over in your grandma’s house. Our room had a loft for hanging out and eating, and it also had a big window overlooking the view of the mountain and the sea.

After exploring the Old Town starting with A-Mei Teahouse, then the night market, and then up to the temple gates, we were so exhausted. You can read more about our adventure, which was also somewhat a mis-adventure at Jiufen Old Town here. That said, Sunny Room was a very much welcome place to come back to after our exhausting wandering.

The morning after, Ralph still wanted to walk at the Old Town before checking out; however, he also felt so exhausted that he decided to stay and rest. Yes, the climb and descent were that tiring for us. We will definitely come back to Jiufen and stay for a longer period of time when Rafael is older. For now, we are just happy to have made a lot of great memories in this wonderful place.

No. 56號, Shuqi Road, Ruifang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 224
+886 2 2497 0956

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