Hi, I’m Roxanne Marie, and I started this blog to document my journey as I discover more about myself as a mother, wife, and artist as I conquer GAD, depression, and a bit of OCD through my exploration of watercolors, inks, fiber, music, and even motherhood.

Paper can be transformed in so many ways, and so can the human psyche. The paper is the representation of my mind and this blog is my blank canvas where I will keep creating beautiful things.  Here, you will find various interpretations of my thoughts and emotions.

Welcome to my Paper Menagerie.

What’s going on with me right now [2017]? For starters, we are transitioning to an 80% plant-based diet, aiming for minimalism (KonMari) in life and in parenting, ironing out our finances (Dave Ramsey style), and getting ready to get my passion project launched, so please stay tuned!

For inquiries and comments, feel free to email me at hello.thepapermenagerie [at] gmail [dot] com, or contact me using the form below. Ciao!