Embracing myself.

Going to therapy is the best thing that I’ve done for myself. I don’t paint regularly, but I even noticed a change in my process. ❤️
It feels like I am trapped at times, unable to move, unable to breathe, unable to function as I should… but this is my reality, and choosing to embrace it means that I have to learn how to look at the good things that come with it. This is who I am, and loving myself means loving all of me. Embrace the “bad” things because it’s part of me – that there is a beautiful side to it, too. It can be painful, it is definitely a struggle, but a rare and beautiful flower can bloom in adversity.


This post is way overdue, but the busy-ness of motherhood is making me dream of taking a trip out of the city with my husband. Should I feel bad for wanting some me-time with my husband? Of course, leaving little Raffy behind is not an option now, so we will just have to wait. Here’s a throwback to our lovely babymoon – the last time we were able to travel as just husband and wife. Continue reading

Transitioning to a plant-based diet

Two months ago, I had some lab tests done at home c/o Hi-Precision Diagnostic’s Home Service Testing and I encouraged Ralph to have a blood test done right then and there because his gout is bothering me. You see, he’s had gout for over a decade now and time and time again, he refused to have a blood test done to check his uric acid levels. Thankfully enough, he conceded, and later that afternoon, the results arrived in my email. True enough, his marks are so high and this got me worried even more, so I did a lot of research about gout and hyperuricemia.

According to Healthline, Hyperuricemia occurs when there is too much acid in your blood. I’ve since learned a lot about the topic of gout, and I will discuss this in another blog post. The point is, we have decided to go on a plant-based diet because vegetables are the best low-purine foods. What about beans, you say? In recent studies, it is shown that plant-based purine sources have a low bioavailability, which means that these purine-rich sources are not easily converted to uric acid. (As an added note, foods containing high-fructose corn syrup is hell on people with hyperuricemia!)

Going plant-based

This is where I had a tough time. I was the kid who grew up not eating vegetables, and I have a pretty good repertoire of meat recipes under my belt. That said, I don’t cook vegetables really well. I’m not even familiar with some of the vegetables that are found in the wet market. My husband is an Ilokano, and he loves his vegetables. In the course of our relationship, I slowly learned how to appreciate and actually like eating veggies – but I still don’t know how to cook them. When changing your lifestyle, I figured that it’s best to consult the people who already has that kind of lifestyle. I am grateful that we have quite a handful of vegetarian and vegan friends, so I contacted them for resources and tips. Our goal is to be 80% plant-based, for now. What matters most to me right now is getting rid of sugar, processed foods, and unhealthy ingredients. Continue reading

Raffy tries Kidzoona

RaffyKidzoona1Last Sunday, we took Raffy to Kidzoona while his daddy performs in the mall show at Shangri-La. I’ve been feeling so depressed lately and I’m just missing my mom so much, so even though I was not in the mood to go out, I had to push myself so that our family could experience some normalcy.

Since it’s expected that we will be spending the entire duration of the show there plus the soundcheck, I decided to purchase 3 hours of playtime 400 PHP. 90 minutes of playtime is priced at 300 PHP, so it’s worth it.  It’s worth it because I was able to leave them alone for an hour to do some errands, then come back in later to play with Raffy. The frugal girl in me was cringing, but looking at the play areas, Raffy’s eagerness, and the situation (long hours of waiting for the show to finish), it’s a good deal because It’s basically the same amount that I would spend if I decided to hang out in a coffee shop while waiting. But since only one companion is free, I had to pay 150 for the nanny to come with us. Originally, I wanted some alone time to just sketch or do some journaling in Starbucks, or in any cafe, but bringing our little sunshine is so worth it.

In this grieving process, I’m so blessed to have a baby to keep me occupied. One smile from him is like a ray of sunshine in my currently stormy world.

Going back to Kidzoona…

I’m quite impressed at the variety of the place. Raffy is only one year old, but he had a lot of fun and wasn’t trampled on by the bigger kids. The nice thing about the place is that it’s divided into sections. There are areas there where kids can really go wild, so we made sure to stay out those areas when they’re packed. We mainly stuck around the toys corner, but whenever we saw that the ball pit area was empty, we tried to bring Raffy there. Problem is, he hates the ball pit.  Continue reading

Deep Breath

img_9450So… I’ve been thinking about taking up knitting. And doll making. It’s Instagram’s fault actually since I’ve been following a lot of lovely doll-makers — so it’s also breastfeeding’s fault because I mainly browse Instagram (and Pinterest) while I’m pinned down during our nursing sessions.

But the thing is, I have too many hobbies already; all are still in the process of learning. And even though I’ve reached a high level in my current hobbies, maintenance is very important to keep at tip top shape.

So what do I do? I think about my current activities: watercolor painting, calligraphy, violin, raising a baby, and maintaining a home. I think about the things I want to do. There’s just so much on my plate right now, and so much more that I want to do.

  Continue reading

Homegrown Organics

Processed with VSCO with a7 presetI wish I had a green thumb, and that I can call these as my own organic and home-grown produce. But, no, my thumbs are as black as night, and Homegrown Organics is an organic produce supplier which I found through Facebook. They accommodate orders through Facebook PM and through SMS.

Intrigued by their “Rockstar” a.k.a. the Purple Corn, I told Ralph about it and he asked me to order some for him. I am not really fond of corn, but this one, I am willing to sample.

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