This post is way overdue, but the busy-ness of motherhood is making me dream of taking a trip out of the city with my husband. Should I feel bad for wanting some me-time with my husband? Of course, leaving little Raffy behind is not an option now, so we will just have to wait. Here’s a throwback to our lovely babymoon – the last time we were able to travel as just husband and wife. Continue reading

Raffy tries Kidzoona

RaffyKidzoona1Last Sunday, we took Raffy to Kidzoona while his daddy performs in the mall show at Shangri-La. I’ve been feeling so depressed lately and I’m just missing my mom so much, so even though I was not in the mood to go out, I had to push myself so that our family could experience some normalcy.

Since it’s expected that we will be spending the entire duration of the show there plus the soundcheck, I decided to purchase 3 hours of playtime 400 PHP. 90 minutes of playtime is priced at 300 PHP, so it’s worth it.  It’s worth it because I was able to leave them alone for an hour to do some errands, then come back in later to play with Raffy. The frugal girl in me was cringing, but looking at the play areas, Raffy’s eagerness, and the situation (long hours of waiting for the show to finish), it’s a good deal because It’s basically the same amount that I would spend if I decided to hang out in a coffee shop while waiting. But since only one companion is free, I had to pay 150 for the nanny to come with us. Originally, I wanted some alone time to just sketch or do some journaling in Starbucks, or in any cafe, but bringing our little sunshine is so worth it.

In this grieving process, I’m so blessed to have a baby to keep me occupied. One smile from him is like a ray of sunshine in my currently stormy world.

Going back to Kidzoona…

I’m quite impressed at the variety of the place. Raffy is only one year old, but he had a lot of fun and wasn’t trampled on by the bigger kids. The nice thing about the place is that it’s divided into sections. There are areas there where kids can really go wild, so we made sure to stay out those areas when they’re packed. We mainly stuck around the toys corner, but whenever we saw that the ball pit area was empty, we tried to bring Raffy there. Problem is, he hates the ball pit.  Continue reading

Homegrown Organics

Processed with VSCO with a7 presetI wish I had a green thumb, and that I can call these as my own organic and home-grown produce. But, no, my thumbs are as black as night, and Homegrown Organics is an organic produce supplier which I found through Facebook. They accommodate orders through Facebook PM and through SMS.

Intrigued by their “Rockstar” a.k.a. the Purple Corn, I told Ralph about it and he asked me to order some for him. I am not really fond of corn, but this one, I am willing to sample.

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I’ve always been fond of Korean beauty products. When I was in college, I used to order them through eBay before we had Korean stores in malls here in the Philippines. Now that I’m tied up at home most of the time, online shopping became a must again.

I found Althea when it showed up in my Facebook feed. A friend of mine posted a picture of her orders in a pretty pinked box, so I got even more curious.

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MP Sull’s Fundamentals of Flourishing

Processed with VSCO with a10 presetLast June 30, I had the pleasure of attending MP Sull’s Fundamentals of Flourishing Workshop in A Space Makati.

MP Sull is one of the twelve in the world that has been bestowed the title of “Master Penman”. His passion for the art of calligraphy is inspiring, and for someone his age, his hands are so steady, and he had so much energy in imparting knowledge to his students in the workshops.

This workshop was the first one of the two classes that he held in Manila. The second one is a 2-day Spencerian Bootcamp that I would have given an arm and leg to attend. However, with a baby in tow, it simply isn’t practical. For this workshop, we booked an overnight stay through Airbnb, and we were lucky to find a room right next to A Space. That way, my boys can come right over if they need me, or if Raffy needs to breastfeed. The organizers of the workshop were so gracious that they placed me near the couch, door, and buffet.

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S P E C T R A 9 +

spectraThis is the start of my pumping journey!

Before the year 2015 ended, we went to Babymama PH‘s store in Ortigas to purchase a Spectra 9+. It’s already March, yet I’ve only pumped for less than ten times.

I’m a stay-at-home mom so I haven’t had the need to pump regularly. Our little Rafael still doesn’t know how to feed from a bottle, so I just pump for back-up and I.C.E. stock. My lactation consultant, Nanay Nona, does not recommend for me to pump regularly since I have an abundance of supply, and pumping may cause me to have oversupply issues.

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