A Quaint Stay in 九份民宿-陽光味宿 Sunny Room

Travelling with a toddler can make things quite complicated. Anticipating the effort that we were going to exert for our Jiufen trip, I booked a room at Sunny Room while planning our Taiwan itinerary. It was a good decision because traipsing all over Jiufen in the midst of a huge crowd was exhausting, especially with a 3-year-old in tow. Those stairs were a challenge to scale, I kid you not.

Since we were traveling on a budget, I found Sunny Room by narrowing down my search options in Booking.com. It looked so quaint in the pictures and the reviews were very good. It was also specified that it’s quite near A-Mei Teahouse, the highlight of our trip.

Taking a look at Google Maps, Sunny Room looked so near to the teahouse, but the actual experience was very different. Indeed, A-Mei Teahouse is only 290 meters away from Sunny Room, but it was not specified that you would be scaling the steep stairs all the way. It’s not a problem for people with average fitness, but for someone like me who is barely active, has anxiety, and has a toddler to carry around, it was definitely a challenge.

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Embracing myself


Going to therapy is the best thing that I’ve done for myself. I don’t even paint regularly, but I even noticed a change in my process. I feel more free and less scared of putting paint on the paper. Before, I used to feel so scared of painting my line-art because I felt like a lot of things can go wrong. Things can go wrong but that is how you learn, and learning to forgive yourself and move in is a big part of it. That is the beautiful process of learning.

There are times when I feel trapped, unable to move, breathe, and function as I should, but this is my reality. I am now choosing to embrace my mental illness and learn how to look at the good things that come with it. This is who I am, and loving myself means loving all of me, with no judgment and labels.. Embrace the “bad” things because it’s part of me – that there is a beautiful side to it, too. It is a painful process and it is definitely a struggle to go through, and if I may paraphrase a quote from Mulan, a rare and beautiful flower can bloom in adversity. So, you are very welcome to watch me bloom. ❤