Reverie, expressive watercolor of hands

After almost a year of not posting anything, I’ve finally resurfaced online. With the recent string of suicides, especially the ones that made the news, mental health awareness is becoming more prominent. Because of this, I have this urge to go back to blogging.

Maintaining this blog was not even one of my priorities, hence the lack of updates. I had no clear purpose in blogging before – I just wanted an outlet for my thoughts. However, it’s becoming clear to me that I continue writing my story and sharing my experiences to somehow help and inspire others going through the same things as I am. As someone dealing with several mental disorders, it has been incredibly hard for me to deal with the transitions of marriage, domesticity, motherhood, and loss. Maybe, in dealing with my demons, I can help others while helping myself.

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i am

to cease


as breath


the glass



yet void

of suffering.

i am

just a speck –


never belonging.

fading in time

like memories,


like dust



into non being.

fading away

to black

or white,

into nothingness.

Deep Breaths


Lately, I’ve been thinking of taking up new hobbies, like knitting and dollmaking. I spent too much time on Instagram while pinned down during our nursing session and there are a plethora of wonderful fabric artists and doll makers in my feed. Sadly, I have too many hobbies already, and I’m still in the midst of honing my skills in them.

Things are overwhelming right now, from being a new mom and housewife, so I’ll just focus on my current artistic endeavors for now: watercolor, calligraphy, and the violin.

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