Reverie, expressive watercolor of hands

After almost a year of not posting anything, I’ve finally resurfaced online. With the recent string of suicides, especially the ones that made the news, mental health awareness is becoming more prominent. Because of this, I have this urge to go back to blogging.

Maintaining this blog was not even one of my priorities, hence the lack of updates. I had no clear purpose in blogging before – I just wanted an outlet for my thoughts. However, it’s becoming clear to me that I continue writing my story and sharing my experiences to somehow help and inspire others going through the same things as I am. As someone dealing with several mental disorders, it has been incredibly hard for me to deal with the transitions of marriage, domesticity, motherhood, and loss. Maybe, in dealing with my demons, I can help others while helping myself.

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This is the first watercolor painting I made for the year 2016. I dedicate this year to learning, and to patience and kindness (with oneself).

My reason for starting this blog is for me to be able to document my progress, and also for me to release some thoughts. Quitting the work that I love very much when I gave birth was not an easy decision to make.  But I realized that these next few years with our little Rafael is too precious, so I then transitioned into being a stay-at-home mother. Nonetheless, rarely being able to go out to have normal social interactions is taking its toll on me, hence, this blog was born.

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